Tip for YouTubers: Thumbnails Matter

Not everyone who posts to YouTube considers themselves YouTubers. But everyone who publishes videos on YouTube wants clicks and views.

That much I know!

So, today… we’re gonna talk about thumbnails. I want to show you how to create them quickly for FREE, and how to upload them to YouTube.

Thumbnails drive clicks…

Tip for YouTubers: Thumbnails Matter
This is the thumbnail I created for the video that goes with this blog post.

Would You Click Your Thumbnails?

If you publish content on YouTube, you’ve probably spent time surfing it and watching content there too. So, when you publish, do you ever look at your content from a social media point of view?

When you LIKE a post on Instagram, it’s because it was visually appealing. When you LIKE a post on Facebook, it’s because it touched you somehow.

To get people to LIKE your YouTube video, you have to get them to CLICK THROUGH to it FIRST. So, on YouTube…

Now pull up your VIDEOS page on your YouTube channel. And ask yourself, if you didn’t know you, would you click on your videos based on what you SEE?

Thumbnails Matter

YouTube users tend to see the thumbnails before even reading the titles of videos. That’s why it’s so important that you create unique thumbnails for yours to increase clickthrough rates (CTR).

Your thumbnails need to be eye-catching. However, never use them to mislead users. In other words, make sure the thumbnails directly represent what the video is actually about. Think of it as a compelling preview of the video itself.

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Where Do Your Clicks & Views Come from?

As you start to get more and more clicks and views, your YouTube Analytics will start to show you one thing for sure: Most of those clicks and views come from NON-SUBSCRIBERS.

That means that your BIGGEST market is with STRANGERS… non-fans. Yea, you may have your loyal followers. But those 5, 10, 20 people aren’t gonna get you to that 1,000 subscribers, 4,000 views and 10,000 watch hours you need to monetize your channel.

To reach those strangers, you need attractive thumbnails. You MUST provide them with something worth clicking to get those views… which will lead to more subscribers if your content is valuable.

Video: Free Thumbnails DIY Step-by-Step

Learn step-by-step exactly how to create your own unique thumbnails. These thumbnails can be used for your YouTube videos, blog posts, Facebook and Instagram posts and more.

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