Virgo Is the Ruminator of the Zodiac... a True, Deep Thinker.

Do you believe that Virgo has an overactive imagination? Well, if you don’t, then you’ve never been close to one. Virgos require clarity about everything. Anytime things are uncertain, that leads to anxiety, which throws our imaginations into high speed.

Virgo: The Zodiac Ruminator

We are known as the “ruminators” of the zodiac. Now, of course, I had no idea what that meant. So, I had to look it up. The Free Dictionary says this:

Ruminator – a reflective thinker characterized by quiet contemplation… muser, ponderer, muller, thinker – someone who exercises the mind (usually in an effort to reach a decision)

Ruminate – To turn a matter over and over in the mind

If you truly know Virgo, you know this describes us to a tee. Some might call it OCD. But to us, it’s the way of life!

Virgo Has an Overactive Imagination Which Is Why Virgos Are the Ruminators of the Zodiac... a True, Deep Thinker.
Virgo Has an Overactive Imagination Which Is Why Virgos Are the Ruminators of the Zodiac… a True, Deep Thinker. Image Source: Ruminator Ramblings

For Virgo, Uncertainty Leads to Anxiety

When things are unclear, we become very anxious, even though we’re generally good at hiding it. In a sense, we cripple our own selves with fear because the unknown makes us feel out of control.

To deal with our fears and anxieties, our highly overactive imaginations create imaginary situations where things are clear. We dig deep within our minds and create situations where we can see the upcoming results.

The problem is, those imaginary situations are rarely peaches, cream and roses. They are usually full of negativity and inner-hysteria.

Virgo’s Overactive Imagination Creates the Worrywart Trait

Virgo is a certified worrier. Many of us are workaholics because we use work… AKA achievements… to relieve worry and stress. We put a lot of worrying into the people we love as well as the things we want to accomplish.

Because Virgo has an overactive imagination, I personally, tend to picture thousands of outcomes that could possibly come from any and every situation. And because most of these outcomes are scary, this leads to more worries and anxiety.

Virgos are the ultimate worrywarts!

Can you imagine having anxiety about something you’ve created in your mind to help you deal with the reality that you have no control over?

Just typing that long sentence made me anxious. I literally wear my own self out.

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For Virgo, There Is NO Stillness

Many people might say all Virgos have ADHD because “stillness” is just not in our nature. Sitting still, remaining calm, clearing our minds, falling asleep at night… these just aren’t traits we possess.

Personally, I rarely ever sit down. And when I do, it’s to write content or hop from one YouTube video to the next or engage on social media or launch a WordPress site or create a content calendar for a client or check emails or create some type of plan for something or other.

Even when I’m sitting down, I’m rarely still.

Basically, it’s important that every situation work out as planned. So, I’m always planning something or working on a plan to plan something.

Or I might be going over a plan I abandoned or a plan that didn’t work out or a plan that went as planned so I can tweak the old plan. Or I’m probably thinking of ways to help others around me with their plans.

All of this planning leads to me worrying about every single detail of every little thing every single day. To envision all of the outcomes of all of these plans, I must trigger my overactive imagination.

The problem is… that’s not always positive for a worrywart.

Virgo Worrywart: 3 Types You May Know and Love… Or Love to Hate

That Almighty Virgo Anxiety Triggers the Overactive Imagination

Virgo doesn’t just plan things, we micro-manage every aspect of our lives, days, goals, love lives, etc… We are the ultimate micro-managers!

Micromanage – To control every part, however small, of an enterprise or activity

Now, that was the nice definition, from My people on Urban Dictionary worded it a bit differently. I kept getting offended thinking they were talking about Virgos specifically… because it sure seems like it.

Here’s one of the nicer ones for the word “micromanage” >>>>> OMG, THIS IS SO ME!!!!!:

Paying attention to things that don’t really matter, to manage or control with excessive attention to minor details.

Max: I gave my boss the billing report but all he cared about was that I did it in the wrong font.

Sam: Wow, he needs to learn how to not micromanage

Virgos: Keeping Our Shit Together

For me, it’s not about what others think when it comes to having my shit together simply because they’re opinions matter. It’s more about them believing I my ducks are in a row, so they’re open to accepting my help.

Because as a Virgo, I have a deep inner need to be utilized… for my knowledge, my skills, my advice… my help in general.

For the Virgin Sign, it’s all about productivity. We need to feel productive every waking moment of our lives. So, even when we’re not actively doing something, we’re thinking about it. Which is why most of us are insomniacs.

It’s almost impossible to shut our thoughts off at night. And when we do… (for me, only if alcohol and the green are involved)… it’s usually temporary. We’re right back up in a couple of hours.

In most cases, Virgos are holistic, well-rounded members of their circles, communities and families. As soon as we hit the scene, we’re in there… ready to jump in and assist where we can. That’s because we live for helping others. But more importantly, we live for doing incredible things!

And that’s where our overactive imaginations kick in again. We use them to envision the great things we can do for ourselves, families, friends, communities, causes, etc…

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For Virgo, Losing Control Leads to Anxiety

Everything around us must flow smoothly. When they don’t, our anxiety kicks into high gear. You’ll notice the smallest things start setting us off.

So, how do we deal with this anxiety? Well, we micro-manage of course. We believe we are the only ones who can get things flowing smoothly again. That causes us to attempt to take as much control over the situation as possible.

Virgo’s anxiety and overactive imagination is a cycle that continuously repeats itself:

  • Things get out of control
  • We become manic
  • That leads to anxiety
  • We take control
  • The pressure makes us anxious
  • We get the job done
  • Annnnnnnnnnnnndddddd, repeat…

Sounds exhausting, doesn’t it? Well, trust me. It is! Being a Virgo can be extremely exhausting!!!

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