Quanell X Is Not a Hero

We all know about this man’s ability to woo women out of their money. But did you know he advocated for 18 s3xual deviants who violated an 11-year-old girl?

Quanell X is a self-proclaimed activist for the Black people of Houston. He’s also well known for spreading racial and misogynistic hatred around his local Texas communities. Born Quanell Ralph Evans, he’s currently in the news as a hero for helping authorities find the remains of missing 4-year-old Maleah Davis.

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According to the reports Quanell X wants us to believe, he single-handedly walked inside a Harris County jail and got a confession out of Derion Vence. Now, keep in mind Derion had never seen this man in his life, other than in the media bad-mouthing him.

He also knew there was no one offering to pay for a private attorney to take his case. That means he had no reason to think this was his new attorney. So, you have to ask yourself, why would Derion talk to this stranger who accused him of gay texts and abusing Maleah physically and sexually?

Quanell X also wants us to believe that it was this confession that led to Baby Girl Maleah being found way in Hope, Arkansas. And amazingly enough, it all began with a dream. Mr. X told KPRC2 investigative reporter Robert Arnold:

“My daughter texted me to tell me she had a dream that I had found Maleah in a field and the stepfather was there. When she told me that, I got dressed and took it as a sign to go talk to Derion.”

Video: Here’s What Quanell X Said About His Role in the Maleah Davis Case

Check out this video: https://www.click2houston.com/news/heres-what-quanell-x-said-about-his-roe-in-the-maleah-davis-case

Start at: 0:25

At 1:30 QX says: “I never spoke to them until AFTER he confessed.” Them… meaning investigators. To me, that’s a play on words. He may not have spoken to any “investigators,” but he spoke to someone else in that facility.

County jails are very strict about civilian visiting days and times. I’m a prison loved one. Trust me. I know. There is NO WAY this man got inside that jail to visit Derion on a non-visiting day without inside connect. LIES!

At 2:10 Robert Arnold asks: “How does he feel he should be portrayed?” This is where this man should have choked on his lies. It was the perfect opportunity to right some wrongs about this case, so people can concentrate on actual facts.

Quanell goes on to tell the reporter about how Derion felt he was both parents. And we all now know that’s the truth. Good for you Mr. X. You finally righted one wrong.

But what Derion is also referring to is Quanell portraying him as a closeted gay man in the media. Once again, I have no doubt that Brittany Bowens never told Quanell that. He made it up to make the story more salacious and to embarrass Derion into a confession.

No heterosexual man would sit back quietly while the media accuses him of sending racy text messages to another man. That’s what Derion talked to Quanell X about that day… NOT a confession of any sort.

At 2:21 Robert Arnold asks: “Are you concerned about the confession being suppressed?” This fool has the audacity to say, “Not really,” as if he has balls of steel. He says that when the trial time comes, the defense better be ready. Because he’ll be prepared to defend what Derion told him.

Looka here Mr. Con Master. The ONLY way for you to secure a confession from this man would have been to pretend to be his legal counsel. If that’s what you did, the confession would 100% be inadmissible. And since you act as fake counsel on a regular basis, you already know that.

Therefore, Mr. Lying X, why don’t you just shame the devil and tell the truth. The real reason you are not worried about the confession being suppressed is because… plain and simply put… there wasn’t one. He confessed to another inmate at the jail DAYS before you visited. THAT is how authorities found her remains all the way in Hope, Arkansas.

The only confession you got out of Derion is that he is NOT gay!

STOP AT 2:32

Why Does It Matter If People Think Quanell X Is a Hero?

Victims of Quanell X

Many people have been asking this question a lot since Baby Girl was found on the side of an Arkansas highway. They don’t understand why we can’t just be grateful that he helped find Maleah Davis. But if he did NOT assist in the recovery of her remains, it’s sick of us to allow him to take credit for it.

For one, this was a precious 4-year-old toddler. Hearts ached all throughout Houston, and eventually across the country, while she was missing. The agony went on for 30 days before she was discovered. No one should be allowed to USE HER for fame and money.

And trust me, I’ve done the research. The more popular Mr. Quanell X becomes in the press, the more he’s able to swindle people out of cash. He offers help similar to what he did for Brittany Bowens to people all over Houston.

Walk with Maleah Pink and Blue

For some, like in the Maleah Davis case, he does it as an activist, which means he doesn’t get paid. But he does get the local fame that comes with organizing these press conferences, rallies and marches.

Yet, for others, he charges enormous amounts of cash to bring media coverage to their causes and cases. Then, he literally disappears on them.

So, no. I will NOT allow him to use Baby Girl Maleah as a pawn in his media money game. Not only does it give him unwarranted power, but it’s completely disrespectful to Maleah Davis.

Timeline of Social Indecencies of Quanell X

Quanell Ralph Evans is a very colorful character. He was born into the world to parents who were Nation of Islam converts in Los Angeles in 1970. After moving to Houston with his mother, he became a Sunnyside community drug dealer.

In 1990, he joined the Nation of Islam and soon became a spokesperson. That’s when Quanell X was born.

He attended the Million Man March in Washington, DC on October 16, 1995, where he drew national attention for his hatred for Jewish America. Here are just some of his famous quotes from that day:

“I say to Jewish America: Get ready … knuckle up, put your boots on, because we’re ready and the war is going down.”

“All you Jews can go straight to hell.”

“The real deal is this: Black youth do not want a relationship with the Jewish community or the mainstream white community or the foot shuffling, head-bowing, knee bobbing black community.”

A year and a half after the Million Man March, Quanell X showed his true colors and intentions as a so-called activist for the African American People of Houston. In 1996, the once Hip Hop rapper (yes, you read right) called the Houston Press and suggested they profile him. However, the clout chaser wanted to control the narrative.

By this time, he’d already made appearances on Jerry Springer, CNN and had been profiled by multiple rap magazines and local newspapers. But, according to reports, he hated being portrayed in “too much of a good-guy light.” Instead, he wanted to be known as:

…the most dangerous young black man in the city.”

Can someone please explain to me what the h3ll that means?

Is Quanell X a Hero or a Master Manipulator and a Liar?

Later in 1996, he took to spreading his hatred in the name of radicalism to college students at Texas Southern University. Here’s a small clip from his now infamous speech:

“I refuse to allow some foot-shuffling, some head-bowing, knee-bending, boot-licking, behind-kissing, old-times-ain’t-forgotten, still-wish-we-in-the-land-of-pick-cotton, sell-out, window-dressing Negroes to QUIET ME DOWN, quiet down the spirit of young brothers and sisters, because Reverend Ham Hock, Pastor Porkchop, Deacon Chickenfoot and Bishop Coward would not stand up and fight for the liberation of their people—I’M SORRY!” 

It was these types of speeches that kept bringing more negative attention to the NOI than they could handle. So, in April 1997, Quanell X left the NOI to establish the Mental Freedom Obtains Independence. MFOI members carried cameras everywhere they went. They were also known to provoke police brutality incidents so they could film them. He told the local Houston police:

“An eye for an eye, a life for a life…. I say to those corrupt police officers, I hope you are as willing to die as you are willing to kill.”

MFOI quickly failed. That’s when Quanell teamed up with NOI-ousted Khalid Abdul Muhammad. He was the leader of the New Black Panther Party. And he was well-known for his provoking speeches. Quanell became a top lieutenant for the NBPP, telling his people:

“Brother Khalid told me never forget the struggle, never compromise and always remember the white man is not a devil, he is the devil.”

Jeffrey Battle
Jeffrey Battle

Interestingly enough, Quanell is also indirectly related to some of the aftermaths from the events of September 11, 2001. That’s when the World Trade Centers were destroyed and thousands of people were killed in New York City.

Quanell X’s former bodyguard, Jeffrey Battle, was a member of the Portland Seven terrorist cell. These were American Muslims who attempted to help the Taliban in Afghanistan after 9-11. They wanted to personally go to Afghanistan and help the Taliban and al Qaeda fight against American soldiers.

October Martinique Lewis
October Martinique Lewis

Jeffrey Battle and his ex-wife, October Lewis, were facing multiple charges. They were also accused of treason… crimes against Americans. However, Quanell showed his support to his backstabbing friends by attending October Lewis’ court hearing before the member of the Portland Seven was sentenced to federal prison.

Shady characters tend to keep shady company. Ijs

Then, there’s the case of Harris County District Attorney Chuck Rosenthal, where it appears Quanell X did the right thing… but as an advocate, he did it for the WRONG reasons… MONEY.

In 2008, Chron reported that Harris County District Attorney Chuck Rosenthal was involved with a scandal related to racist and s3xist emails being sent out using government computers. Quanell staged protests and organized rallies to get the DA to resign. People really thought Mr. X was acting as an activist for his local community.  

Later, the truth came out about his phony activism related to the Rosenthal case. Quanell X had been paid a “consulting fee” of $20,000 to put the protests together. That’s right. A $20,000 consulting fee for his community efforts.

Ummmm, last I checked, true activists don’t charge consulting fees. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X are both spinning in their graves right now.

Perry L Duff said it best:

“Can you say shades of Al Sharpton?”

The People’s New Black Panther Party Formally Denounces Quanell X

People's New Black Panther PartyAnd there are many, many, many more who consider themselves victims of The Advocate for Black Community of Houston. They say he takes money from his own people to provide advocacy work, then completely disappears on them. He’s left many of his own people broke and homeless and literally doesn’t seem to care.

By February 2018, Quanell’s relationship with The People’s New Black Panther Party was washed up. Quanell X had been scamming people out of money, promising services he never delivered. Many of his victims were becoming very vocal in the local news, bringing negative attention to the NBPP.

So, they announced they were “cutting ties” with the self-proclaimed community activist. NBPP National Chairman Yahcanon Ben Yah says Quanell X was actually removed from The Party in 2002, accusing him of being a fraud and stealing money from the public.

Videos: NBPP National Chairman Says Quanell X Has Criminal Charges Pending

Just a quick snippet from a press conference in Houston with The People’s New Black Panther Party National Chairman Yahcanon Ben Yah.

He officially denounced Quanell X and says do not give him your money. According to the NBPP leader, Quanell X has dozens of civil suits pending against him AND there’s a pending CRIMINAL charge.



Did Yahcanon Ben Yah say CRIMINAL CHARGES? Yes, you heard right. There are criminal charges currently pending against Quanell X for Theft of Services! These charges were filed by a Mr. Nate Lewis long before Maleah Davis disappeared.

This is just my opinion. But I believe this man used Maleah’s disappearance to distract the public from his multiple civil lawsuits and pending criminal charges. That’s why his victims were being so vocal in the media. They were frustrated with the public persona that this man is a hero, when in fact, he’s a criminal and a scam artist.

Sandra LaDay and Quanell
Sandra LaDay and Quanell X

On September 18, 2018, Perry L Duff of mocapcity.com reported on two more incidents where Mr. X the Activist took people’s money and didn’t deliver what he promised.

  1. Sandra LaDay of Port Arthur – Gave QX $600 to investigate her son’s murd3r… he did absolutely nothing
  2. Hilda Pete – Paid QX $9,000 to help get her son off, who was facing murder charges… once again, he did absolutely nothing

The 2010 Cleveland Gang Rapes of an 11-Year-Old Girl

2010 Cleveland Gang Rape Mugshots
2010 Cleveland Gang Rape Mugshots

All of this scamming information is disturbing enough. But it’s his DIRECT involvement in the 2010 Cleveland Gang Rapes that makes me sick to my stomach. This case involves 21 BLACK men and teens who r@p3d an 11-year-old girl numerous times over the course of three months. The rapes happened continuously from September 15 to December 3, 2010.

According to Community and Children’s Impact Center Director Brenda My, she was a bubbly honor roll student from Trails End, Texas who was always smiling until September 2010. That’s when her parents say she became reserved. In October, soon after she started 6th grade, Brenda My says she became completely withdrawn and stopped coming to the center altogether.

2010 Cleveland Gang Rape Mugshots 2
2010 Cleveland Gang Rape Mugshots 2

In just a couple of months, she’d gone from being an enthusiastic young girl with a love for planting trees, going on hikes and hanging with the kids at the youth center… to being a victim who was victim-shamed by many adults in the small East Texas town known as Cleveland.

You see, she was a bit tall for her age. Many say she dressed older, which made her look older than 11 years old. They justified the multiple gang r@p3s with this nonsense. But we are talking SMALL town here. EVERYONE in this entire town is either blood-related or extremely close to blood relatives. All 21 men and teens knew how old she was at the time.

2010 Cleveland Gang Rape Mugshots 3
2010 Cleveland Gang Rape Mugshots 3

There’s also the issue of her being “fast.” According to her father, Juan, she used to sneak out of the house at night. Sometimes, she’d returned as late as 11 PM. They tried their best to control her. But they just couldn’t get a handle on it.

Her townspeople tried to use this to justify the multiple assaults as well. The problem is… she was an 11-year-old CHILD.

The 6th-grader’s parents told investigators that one of the defendants called their home on Sunday, November 28 pretending to be her friend. He asked to come with him to “ride around,” according to search warrant affidavits.

Eric McGowen Cleveland Gang Rapist
Eric McGowen – Cleveland Gang Rapist

Eric B. McGowen was a 19-year-old with sick motives. He and two other teen men picked her up and took her to the house below, located in an area where:

“…everyone is related by blood or friendship.

The details of the multiple child r@p3s are too sick to go into in this article. However, if you guys want to know. Let me know. I’ll be happy to report on it. But the bottom line is, this case involved a Hispanic child being r@p3d numerous times over the course of three months by 21 different Black men and teens.

2010 Cleveland Gang Rape House of Horror
2010 Cleveland Gang Rape House of Horror

Long story short, the initial assaults took place in this home, which belonged to a Rayford Tyrone Ellis.

Cleveland Gang Rape Second Location
Cleveland Gang Rape Second Location

At some point, someone’s grandmother came home. So, they made the girl go out of the window and go with them to this trailer. There. The r@p3s continued.

And these monsters had the nerve to film the acts of disgust against the little girl. That’s how they got caught. Not only did a video make it to the local high school, where it was reported to police… but someone had the nerve to text a video of the assault to the child’s FATHER.

Quanell X Supports R@p1sts Simply Because They’re Black

Quanell X Community Activist

So, what does the Cleveland Gang R@p3 of an 11-Year-Old Girl have to do with Quanell X? Well, in March 2011, this man made his way to the small Texas town of Cleveland, just 40 miles east of Houston.

He wanted to show his support to the assailants, not the little girl. Quanell wanted to not only support but advocate for the 18 men being accused at the time. Eventually, the number grew to 21.

The ages of the men and teen boys ranged from 14-27. Most of them were over 18, making them legally adults. But none of that mattered to Quanell X. All he could see was color.

All of the boys and men were Black. However, the 11-year-old girl was Hispanic. And that alone made him fell it was his duty to rally for the savages to supposedly raise money to pay for their legal defenses.

Now, that alone is not an issue. As a prison loved one, sometimes it’s necessary to advocate for the guilty, even if it’s just to ensure they get fair trials. It’s the VICTIM SHAMING that came with his support that fed into the disgusting views of the Black community members in Cleveland.

Quanell X staged a meeting at Cleveland’s town hall to bring attention to the case. It didn’t matter that the assaults committed the rapes on video, so he knew they were 100% guilty. All he cared about is the fact that he didn’t want 18 BLACK men and boys going to prison over a HISPANIC girl, no matter how old she was, or how horrendous the crimes:

“It was not the young girl that yelled rape,” he said. “Stop right there — something is wrong, brothers and sisters.”

Quanell also questioned the role of the girl’s parents:

“Where was the mother? Where was the father?”

This child was r@p3d by half the town of Cleveland. However, this man traveled there all the way from Houston to question the motives of the 11-year-old, asking why SHE:

“…didn’t report the attack to authorities herself.”

He added:

“Come on, little girl, don’t be shy!

Quanell X Grew Up on This South Acres Street
Quanell X Grew Up on This South Acres Street

In March 2011, NY Mag’s Dan Amira reported:

“Mr. X was also apparently more concerned with why ‘only young black men had been arrested’ than why so many young black men felt it was okay to participate in a gang rape of a young girl. Priorities?

A Houston Press 2014 report also gives us a deeper look into why this man would defend r@p1ists over a child, noting:

“Quanell X claimed the investigation into the rape was being ‘run by the KKK’ and stated to the African American community of the town: ‘We do not want someone with a malicious, racist motive to rid your community of an entire generation of black men.’

Truth be told Mr. X, it was not an entire generation of Black men. According to the ages of the r@p1sts, it was TWO generations. And if these sick excuses for humans conspired together to conspire to r@p3 this child over and over again, over a THREE MONTH PERIOD, while issuing numerous death threats to stop her from talking, let’s rid the town of ALL of these Black monsters!

We should also rid the world of Quanell Ralph Evans’ “advocacy” actions. This man is a sick liar. And the people of Houston have had enough.

Do You Still Believe Quanell Got Derion to Confess?

On May 30, 2019, Quanell cut all ties with Maleah’s mother, Brittany Bowens, saying she told too many lies. The very next day, he somehow made it inside a Harris County Jail on a NON-VISITING day and secured a confession from Derion Vence.

There are only two ways he could’ve gotten inside that jail on a day when visits are NOT allowed by anyone except legal counsel:

Impersonating an attorney

  1. Quanell X misrepresented himself as an attorney somehow, which would make the Houston Police Department a bunch of bumbling idiots. This is also illegal and definitely ground to have the confession thrown out of court.
  2. He knew someone who works at the jail who acted as his informant and helper. This person would call him as soon as Derion confessed to the inmate that Baby Girl had transitioned and where to find her. And this same person allowed Quanell X inside the jail to talk to Derion during non-visiting hours.

I’m betting my bottom dollar on #2. I do NOT believe Derion Vence confessed to Quanell X, a stranger he only knew from DEFAMING his character on the news. How much sense does that actually make? Here are my four main issues with Derion’s so-called confession to Mr. X:

David Chalfant is the reason Maleah was finally found... NOT QX.
David Chalfant is the reason Maleah was finally found… NOT QX.
  1. Jailhouse Confession – Fellow inmate David Chalfant told authorities that Derion confessed to Maleah’s demise almost a week before Quanell’s jail visit. Derion also told David where he dumped her body, which the inmate also shared with authorities.
  2. Arkansas Searches – Locals driving along the highway in Hope where Maleah was discovered said searches were being conducted days before Quanell visited Derion. That would coincide with the timeline provided by David Chalfant.
  3. Lawnmower Incident – According to Arkansas authorities, landscapers were mowing the grass on the side of the Hope, AK highway. Someone ran over the garbage bag containing her remains with a riding mower, shredding it and her across the landscape. THIS is when I believe they discovered Maleah. It was just a matter of getting the jailhouse confession from David to connect these remains to a little girl missing all the way from Houston.

Quanell X is a racist, misogynistic scumbag. ANY MAN who would advocate for 18 males who repeatedly r@ap3d an 11-year-old girl over a 3-month period just because they are Black and she’s Hispanic a disgusting human being.

He’s a sick, foul man who had no business representing 4-year-old Maleah. Because let’s face it. Quanell would also victim shame Baby Girl and insinuate it’s all her fault if this happened to her and all of her assailants were Black men!

Maleah's Casket at Funeral
Maleah’s Casket at Her Funeral

By the time this ousted member of The People’s New Black Panther Party visited Derion Vence in that county jail, Maleah Davis had already been found. Spread the word about this loser.

Because even though we all believe Brittany Bowens is somehow guilty of her daughter’s premature transition, Quanell X still doesn’t deserve credit for helping Baby Girl finally rest in peace.

Rest in Peace Baby Girl… #JusticeForMaeahDavis

Video: Quanell X Is Not a Hero – Supports Lowest of the Low & Still Claims Righteousness

We all know about this man’s ability to woo women out of their money. But did you know he advocated for 18 s3xual deviants who violated an 11-year-old girl?

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