Time to Expose the Lies of Quanell X

So many people outside of the Houston community are calling Quanell X a hero. But did he really trick Derion into confessing to hurting Maleah and telling him where to find her in Arkansas? Or was it all one big fat lie?

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By now, we’ve all heard at least a little something about the Maleah Davis case. She was a 4-year-old toddler who was reported missing on Saturday, May 4, 2019 in the Houston, Texas area. The report was made by Derion Vence, the boyfriend of Maleah’s mother, Brittany Bowens.

Derion’s story of how Maleah went missing was so outlandish, I don’t even have the energy to go through it ever again. For 30 days, the entire world watched as locals, authorities and Texas EquuSearch volunteers searched for Baby Girl. In the meantime, Derion sat in a Harris County Jail in Houston.

Maleah Davis (l), Brittany Bowens (c), Derion Vence (r)

He was booked on May 11, just five days after making the outrageous claims that led to Maleah being formally reported missing. Derion was charged with Tampering with Evidence – Human Corpse. His bail is currently $45,000.

Soon after the case made the news, the media set its attention on the mother, Brittany Bowens. But it wasn’t Brittany who kept us “informed” about the missing child case. It was the “activist/representative” who was always next to her during press conferences and media appearances.

The people of Houston knew exactly who he was, and most had very little love for him. However, the rest of us… the outsiders… were charmed by him and praised his efforts to find and seek justice for Maleah Davis.

His name is Quanell Ralph Evans AKA Quanell X. He was contacted by Brittany’s sister, Natashia, who thought the well-known “activist” could help bring attention to the case. She desperately wanted his help finding her niece, Maleah.

Locals from Houston continued making claims that this man is a scam artist who can’t be trusted in press conferences and all over the internet. Many of us outsiders read and saw these reports. But we ignored them simply because we wanted Maleah found so badly.

Why I Started Giving Quanell X the Side Eye

Eventually, certain things started to catch my attention about Quanell X that made me start side-eyeing the self-proclaimed activist myself. It all began with that first press conference featuring Brittany. She stood in the parking lot of what looked like an apartment complex with Quanell standing to her left.

Video: Quanell X and Brittany Bowens News Conference in Apartment Complex Parking Lot

Every question the media asked the mother of the missing 4-year-old, Quanell answered for her. Brittany Bowens NEVER spoke. Instead, she spent over five minutes covering her eyes as if she were crying. KHOU 11 zoomed the camera in really close to Brittany’s face. There were NO tears.

Check it out in the video below.

That’s when I started looking deeper into the narrative the public was feeding into, without knowing the actual sources of the information.

Examples of Quanell’s Lies in the Maleah Davis Case

For example: WHO said Derion was sending racy texts to a MAN? We NEVER heard Brittany say that. Quanell did. Even Brittany’s sister, Natashia, said they discussed it when Brittany was in Massachusetts for their father’s funeral. And Natashia told Tanika Nikki’s News & More that Brittany said he was texting another WOMAN, NOT A MAN.

Video: Phone Interview with Maleah’s Aunt, Brittany’s Sister, Natashia

Listen to this exclusive interview of Natashia conducted by Tanika Nikki’s News & More:

Another example: WHO said Derion had been taking the child out of day care without mom knowing? That was also Quanell. And when you think about it, that literally makes no sense. Quanell made that up to infuriate the public about seeing her walking behind him in the video on the last day she was ever seen alive.

That child was skipping. She was NOT being lured back home for a daily dose of s3xu@l assault. PLUS, we’ve all been able to put 2-and-2 together to determine that Brittany was IN THAT APARTMENT when Derion and Maleah came back that morning. She KNEW her child was in that house.

Example three: WHO said the mom is the one who did the laundry? That was also Quanell. And the bottom line is, based on MULTIPLE witnesses and accounts, Derion did ALL of the housework and cared for the kids much more than Brittany did.

Pushing the narrative that Derion was not Maleah’s primary caregiver is how he made us believe this sweet girl was being touched by this man. But there’s no evidence that Britney EVER told Quanell that. It was another lie made up to turn us all against Derion.

But the sad thing is, Mr X KNEW THEN that Brittany is much more involved than he tried to get us to believe.

Video: Exclusive Interview with Derion Vence’s Father, Joe D Vence

Joe D Vence, Derion Vence’s father reached out to iCkEdMeL for an interview. They spoke about many details related to Brittany Bowens, Craig Davis, Maleah Davis, her biological father and all the allegations made by Quanell X in the name of Brittany.

Why Did Quanell X Make Up So Many Lies?

And that’s just three of the many lies this man made up about Derion, Brittany and Maleah.

At first, I thought like everyone else who are considered outsiders to the Houston community. I had faith in this man. So, I gave him the benefit of the doubt, even though I knew he was lying.

I assumed that he made up so many outlandish lies, including the “gay porn” accusation, to make Derion Vence talk. What man would allow such nonsense to be spread about him when it’s not true?

That’s why Derion has been known to say he hates how he’s being portrayed in the media. There’s no doubt in my mind, that as a man, Quanell knew what would make this man snap verbally, and feel the need to defend himself.

He also knew the things he said in press conferences made Brittany look like a sorry excuse for a parent. I believe he hoped this would make her talk one day out of pure guilt. However, all she did was publicly speak out about how this man made up lie after lie after lie that she claims she did NOT tell him.

Quanell X Has Been Lying and Scamming for Years

Let’s backtrack to the January 2013 case of Royce Eckley. She came to Quanell X for help after seeing him on TV many times. Marcus Eckley, her 37-year-old son, had transitioned on January 4 in Leonville, Louisiana. Authorities said it was suicide. But the distraught mother didn’t believe that.

Quanell told Royce Eckley he would work on the case for no less than $4,500, making it clear it may cost even more. He assured her:

“I want to say this: whatever answers you don’t have now, I will get those answers for you.”

With the help of family, friends and former co-workers, Royce raised $1,400 for the retainer. She met him in a Denny’s parking lot, hopped into his car and handed him the retainer in cash.

Quanell gave Royce a pink contract as a “retainer agreement”, which she says contained an enormous amount of small print. The very first paragraph read:

“This agreement is CONFIDENTIAL and may not be shared with a third party without written consent.”

According to Royce, he eventually stopped answering her emails, calls and texts. And the last time there was any communication between the two was that July.

However, the Houston activist told the press that he personally went to Louisiana himself on two occasions. He claims he spoke with a local law enforcement officer (who he refused to name) and spoke at length with the district attorney.

Yet, St. Landry Parish District Attorney Earl Taylor said different. Taylor said that neither he or his first assistance had ever spoken to Mr. Quanell X.

Quanell X Is NOT a Hero – Timeline of Indecencies

The Relation to the Maleah Davis Case

How is this related to the case of Maleah Davis? Well, here’s how these cases start to sound very similar to me:

Quanell claims that during his investigation of the Marcus Eckley case, including the two visits to Louisiana, he encountered multiple obstacles. He went on to accuse Royce of being one of the obstacles.

Mr. X claimed the grieving mother repeatedly attacked Astrea Eckley, her son’s wife on social media, suggesting she had something to do with his death.

There are two problems here:

  1. Royce says that is a “bold-faced lie”
  2. Astrea herself says her mother-in-law NEVER attacked her on social media

He literally lied to save face for taking this grieving mother’s money and doing absolutely nothing to help her.

Now, I know we’re all p1ss3d off at Brittany Bowens. At this point, there are very few people that think she’s innocent in this… if any. But there’s something about the lies Quanell told on Royce Eckley that help validate the fact that Brittany says he told lies too.

Personally, I believe them both.

Quanell X's Response to Brittany Calling Him a Liar
Quanell X’s Response to Brittany Calling Him a Liar

Do You Still Believe Quanell Got Derion to Confess?

On May 30, 2019, Quanell cut all ties with Maleah’s mother, Brittany Bowens. He claimed she told too many lies. However, it’s more than obvious that many of the lies we heard on TV, he made up himself.

Then, on May 31, QX claims he visited Derion in the county jail on a day when visits are not allowed unless you’re an attorney. So, the consensus is that he misrepresented himself to get inside the jail. OR, he had some type of inside connection.

The next thing we knew, Mr. X was claiming Derion told him what happened to Maliah, exactly how she transitioned and where to find her remains… on the side of an Arkansas highway.

But there are many issues with that:

  1. Locals in the Arkansas area insist they saw official people doing searches in the area where Baby Girl was found days before Quanell visited the jail.
  2. Men working on the landscape in the area ran over the bag we supposedly saw Derion carry her out of the apartment in during the surveillance video with a LAWNMOWER. Common sense tells me someone noticed her remains being cut and thrown all over the place long before QX told them where to look.
  3. Quanell X claims his daughter called him and told him where the remains were. She said she saw it all in a dream. Was it her dream or Derion’s confession that led you to Maleah, QX?
  4. An inmate at the county jail says Derion confessed to him days before Quanell supposedly visited the facility. The inmate says he told authorities what Derion told him. So, they knew where to find Maleah days before Derion supposedly confessed to QX.

Now, if you’ve observed all of this information and still believe in Quanell X, prayers up to you. I have this here swamp land I’ve been trying to dump for years now. Hit me up.

This man is trash. He’s a scam artists and he’s scum. QX did absolutely NOTHING to help the Maleah Davis case except tell lie after lie after lie.

The Houston Police Department deserves the credit for finding Maleah, NOT Quanell X. I believe he had an inside connect within the HPD who told him about the jailhouse confession they’d heard about from the inmate. This source told QX everything the department knew about the confession, including where to find her remains.

Then, he ran with the information like he was able to get it out of Derion “man to man” as he stated. By the time we saw that press conference where QX told us about the confession, police in Arkansas had already found her.

And ANY MAN who would advocate for 18 males who repeatedly r@ap3d an 11-year-old girl over a 3-month period just because they are Black and she’s Hispanic is as misogynist as they come. He’s a sick, disgusting man who had no business representing 4-year-old Maleah who he would also insinuate is a “slut” if this happened to her seven years later in her life if her assailants were also Black men!

Video: Is Quanell X a Hero or a Master Manipulator and a Liar?

So many people outside of the Houston community are calling Quanell X a hero. But did he really trick Derion into confessing to hurting Maleah and telling him where to find her in Arkansas? Or was it all one big fat lie?

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