Clear Your Record Cali & Illinois: There’s an App for That

California and Illinois are doing big things for their criminal justice systems with an app called CLEAR MY RECORD. Created by Code for America, it allows Californians to apply to clear felony records in about 10 minutes. Soon, Illinoisans will have the same option.

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Clear Your Record Cali & Illinois: There’s an App for That

Clear My Record: Expunging Felonies in California & Illinois Quickly & Stress-Free

In short, now there’s an app for that! CLEAR MY RECORD is a web and mobile app that streamlines the process of getting these felonies off your record. So, instead of it taking 8+ months, it takes just a matter of weeks.

Cali’s Prop 64

Thanks to California’s Proposition 64, marijuana is now legalized within the state. That means thousands of people with Cali felonies related to cannabis possession, cultivation and sales are eligible for expungements.

Cali’s Prop 47

There’s also Cali’s Prop 47. This law means that multiple non-violent, low-level felonies are now classified as misdemeanor crimes. There are thousands of people who are also eligible to clear their felony records based on this proposition.

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Illinois’ Recreational Marijuana Bill

Clear Your Record in Illinois & California Using This App
Clear Your Record in Illinois & California Using This App

Illinois also passed a Recreational Marijuana Bill, legalizing cannabis in the state. Recreational use becomes legalized on January 1, 2020. But, unlike California, Illinois is being proactive when it comes to reclassifying eligible cannabis-related felonies as misdemeanors.

They want to ensure that everyone classified as a felon whose convictions are now considered misdemeanors, thanks to the bill, have access to get it done. So, Illinois lawmakers have already teamed up with Code for America.

Together, they are working hard to get the CLEAR MY RECORD app ready for Illinois felons with eligible pot-related crimes. They plan to have the app ready for these locals by the time the state’s recreational law becomes effective on January 1, 2020.

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Video – Clear Your Record in Cali & Illinois: There’s an App for That

The video below explains the who, what, when, where, how and why of the CLEAR MY RECORD web and mobile app. Having a felony record can be detrimental to your quality of life. It’s simply not fair to have to carry that weight when your crime has been classified a misdemeanor by your state.


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