Why Wasn’t Michael Adams Deemed Seriously Mentally Ill (SMI)?
Social Injustices

#JusticeForElijah Why Wasn’t Michael Adams Deemed Seriously Mentally Ill (SMI)?

Michael Paul Adams says he stabbed Elijah Al-Amin and slit his throat because the 17-year-old teen was listening to rap music. Adams is a white man. Al-Amin was an unarmed Black teenaged boy. 12News reviewed the lengthy criminal history of Adams. They found MULTIPLE reports where police officers described him […]

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Elijah Al-Amin Could Still Be Alive
Social Injustices

Who’s to Blame for the Death of Elijah Al-Amin? Taken from Us Over Rap?

According to investigators, on July 4th at about 1:30 in the morning, Black teen Elijah Al-Amin was buying a soda a Circle K convenience store in Peoria, Arizona when he was killed for playing rap music. He was at the soda machine with his back turned when a white man […]

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Quanell X Is Not a Hero
Social Injustices

Quanell X Is NOT a Hero – Timeline of Indecencies

We all know about this man’s ability to woo women out of their money. But did you know he advocated for 18 s3xual deviants who violated an 11-year-old girl? Quanell X is a self-proclaimed activist for the Black people of Houston. He’s also well known for spreading racial and misogynistic […]

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Time to Expose the Lies of Quanell X
Social Injustices

Is Quanell X a Hero or a Master Manipulator and a Liar?

So many people outside of the Houston community are calling Quanell X a hero. But did he really trick Derion into confessing to hurting Maleah and telling him where to find her in Arkansas? Or was it all one big fat lie? Watch the Video Version of This Article By […]

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Virgo Is the Ruminator of the Zodiac... a True, Deep Thinker.
Virgo Traits

The Zodiac Ruminator: Does Virgo Have an Overactive Imagination?

Do you believe that Virgo has an overactive imagination? Well, if you don’t, then you’ve never been close to one. Virgos require clarity about everything. Anytime things are uncertain, that leads to anxiety, which throws our imaginations into high speed. Virgo: The Zodiac Ruminator We are known as the “ruminators” […]

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Missing Black Girls in America
Empowering Black Girls

7 Missing Black Girls Whose Names We Should ALL Know

It’s been hard finding something to blog about lately. That’s because, I have to admit, I’ve been caught up in the RK drama of 2019 like many people in the Black communities. But the fact is, there are young missing Black girls that are NOT being talked about in the […]

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Virgo Worrywart: We see problems from a mile away.
Types of Virgos

Virgo Worrywart: 3 Types You May Know and Love… Or Love to Hate

Virgo just may be the ultimate worrywart of all 12 astrological signs. I know, I’m one of them. You either love the Virgo Worrywart from the depths of your loins… or, you hate us like no other! We have a need to micromanage everything, taking our intelligence levels almost to the […]

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Virgo, if you think of success, you will achieve success and if you think of failure you will achieve failure.
Virgo Predictions 2019

Virgo Predictions for 2019: Relationships, Career, Love & More

Are you still harboring regrets about 2018? Well, now that we’re in full swing of 2019, it’s time to put those regrets out of your mind. Each new year marks a fresh start. Horoscope predictions for 2019 say Virgos will be all about seizing every opportunity possible to make changes […]

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Tupac (left) was supposedly killed in part due to a hit put out on the rapper by P Diddy. Recent photo of Keefe D on right.
Cali Life

The Tupac Journey: Celebrities, Outsiders & California Gang Life

I’m on a journey that has led to a planned collaboration about the life and death of Tupac Shakur. Learn how you can take part and help shape this story.

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