Virgo Worrywart: We see problems from a mile away.

Virgo just may be the ultimate worrywart of all 12 astrological signs. I know, I’m one of them. You either love the Virgo Worrywart from the depths of your loins… or, you hate us like no other!

We have a need to micromanage everything, taking our intelligence levels almost to the brink of obsessiveness.

Stereotypes of the Virgo Worrywart

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And there are many other stereotypes most Virgos tend to follow. From being very organized to acting anti-fun, from verbally critical to actively picky… we have our little kinks that cause people to dismiss us as just plain ole mean.

But a few things you can say about almost every Virgo are:

  • Most of us are thrifty as h3ll
  • We love making lists and checking them more than twice
  • To us, shopping is about needs, not a compulsion to spend money
  • We literally get sh!t done

Our bossiness can be a turnoff to some. But for those who understand and choose to love us, they see us as one of the most reliable support systems in their lives.

3 Different Types of Virgo Worrywarts: Love Um or Leave Um

One thing I know for sure as a Virgo… people are not afraid to ask us for help.

Don’t get me wrong, though. There are some bitter ones out there. But deep down inside, even the “mean” ones truly want to help. Their deliveries are just… well… crucial.

However, at the end of the day, no two people are alike. And this complicated Zodiac sign is no exception.

In fact, experts insist that within each Virgo, you’ll find multiple personality types residing. The subject matter was really interesting to me. So, I thought I’d share it with you.

Virgo Predictions for 2019: Relationships, Career, Love & More

1. Virgo the Ultimate Manager

According to Astrologists, this type of Virgo comes with a fix-it attitude. Most can manage an entire team at work, keep things in line at home, even run a business and still keep everything afloat.

But don’t get it twisted. Speaking for Virgo women, I can say that we do get overwhelmed. Our need to take care of everything and everyone makes us put ourselves last oftentimes, without even noticing it.

So, we tend to fall in love with men who can take our minor breakdowns with a grain of salt. He must know how to notice it coming, stay calm as it happens, and hold us tight as we come out of it quickly and suddenly.

That’s because we do have awesome, swift problem-solving skills. We also have the ability to start difficult discussions with tact.

What’s the Virgo’s secret? Because we overthink every single thing on the planet, we tend to prepare for every little scenario possible. And although we do hope for the best, as natural-born worriers, we always prepare for the worst… just in case.

These types of Virgos are the ultimate managers.

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2. Virgo the Problem Solver

Experts say this type of Virgo is very spiritually aware of the signs connection to the planet as an “earth child.” This person is a minimalist who may even have a thing for tiny houses, herbal remedies and essential oils.

This type of Virgo is all about self-awareness and natural remedies. They enjoy the surroundings provided by Mother Nature and enjoy giving back to it as much as possible.

Get close to these Virgos and you’ll never have to worry about your well-being again (because Virgo Worrywart will for you). They are your go-to for long venting sessions, as well as for tips on fixing your computer, pros and cons on the latest phones and exactly how to complete your W4 form.

The Virgo woman problem solver takes on a Mother Teresa persona, meaning… she’s there for everyone with no major expectations for returns. By the way, Mother Teresa was also a woman Virgo, and she was also a Virgo Worrywart.

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Virgo The Anxious One

One thing can be said about this type of Virgo… When they’re ready to go, they are READY TO GO! Many are family and friend-famous for such words as, “Why aren’t you ready?”

This Virgo tends to get frustrated quite easily. That’s because they have such high expectations for themselves. And that trickles over into their ideals about the loved ones around them. They are not only prepared, they expect the idea of preparedness to rule the lives of others as well.

In a sense, this is the Virgo some seem to fear. But they are just as loving on the inside as the others… and there’s generally nothing to be afraid of… because their bark is usually much bigger than their bite.

But don’t feel like the burden to be perfect around these Virgos is all on you. No way. These “virgins” demand just as much from themselves. And as annoying as their perfectionist ways can be to the people around them, they really are known for getting sh1t done. If they make a promise, they’ll do whatever it takes to keep it.

When the anxiety kicks in for these Virgos, simple reminders can help calm the storm. Just remind them that not everyone is as “perfect” as they are… that tends to bring a little humility back into the situation.

Remember… the Virgo Worrywart is not so keen on criticism. But we love who we love and we will listen when we think our actions are causing them hurt and pain.

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